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Massive support for Modi’s BJP from the ghats of Varanashi

Pradip Bhandari, interviewed residents of Kashi, Varanshi regarding the UP elections in 2017 and the majority of people showed their support for Modi’s Bharatya Janta Party (BJP).

Modi has been a Member of the Parliament in Varanashi and Varanashi has witnessed vigorous growth under his leadership. Pandeyji, a pujari in Kashi Vishwanath Temple said that the citizens of Varanshi would vote for Modi. He further said, ‘Aadmi ka kaam dikhayi pad raha hai’ Or his work is visible. Salesman Vikash also vouched his vote for Modi’s BJP. He says that Modiji treats every citizen equally. A baba clad in orange showed his support for BJP’s lotus symbol. Residents Vishwanath and Manoj Trivedi also said that Kashi’s vote will go to Modi and if BJP comes back, the work which was halted would resume once again. The youth of Varanasi though not sure also vouched for BJP proclaiming that demonetization was a revolutionary move by PM Narendra Modi.

Salesman Bijay Kumar says that Narendra Modi is a minster of International calibre. He is a child of common Indians but his love towards the country is exceptional. Congress has accused Modi of taking no step towards the Bunkars. But Modi has spent crores of rupees for building educational institutions and training programmes for the Bunkars in a large track of land near Pandeypur in Varnashi. He has even introduced Bunkar cards for the community so they can reap financial benefits from banks. Congress Vice-President- Rahul Gandhi in a rally said that Modi led BJP just makes false promises which isn’t true because Narendra Modi was an MP in Varanashi and has worked for the a clean Ganga and underground electricity projects. Akhilesh Yadav has done some work regarding electricity as well with his slogan ‘Kaam bolta hai’ but he is no match for Modi. In his final comment, Bijay Kumar added that BJP should however engage with the Muslim community to remove the trust defecit and the stigma of hate against BJP and RSS.

Hence, the citizens of Varanashi have been tinfluenced  by the Modi-wave and feel that Modi led BJP would truly represent them and work for their benefits. Modi also camped in his constituency during the last three days of electioneeing, held roadshows and addressed rallies to reach out to voters in the district.


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