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Auto-Drivers’ vote in MCD Elections: BJP, INC or AAP?

Team Jan ki Baat spoke to auto-drivers across Delhi who listed out the issues to be sorted and the basis on which they would cast their votes in MCD Elections for BJP, Congress or the AAP government.

Auto-driver Murarai says he is disappointed by the poor conditions of sanitation. The poor and deprived live on the roads and urinating on the roads is a frequent sight. Moreover, people don’t want to put their nose in the public toilets that are constructed because of the poor state of hygiene. He further said that corruption in MCD is rampant and is extensive in nature. In order to win the driver’s vote, the governments have to pay attention to sanitation and hygiene. Another auto-driver, Ravinder is of the opinion that the drainage pipelines are very few and inexistent in places. More often than not, the pipelines aren’t cleaned. He is also troubled by the improper water supply.

Driver Upendra Sahni says that in his place, minister Mr. Girish Soni doesn’t do any work.

He stays in Paschimpuri and is never seen in Vadipuri colony where people need him.

To win the driver’s vote in MCD Elections 2017, the parties have to look after the sanitation, hygiene, cleanliness and water-supply. Satisfaction of the citizens start with these simple steps which the parties have to keep in mind while they promise to pay heed to the demands of the citizens and do away with corruption.


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