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Kejriwal disappoints auto drivers!

Kejriwal had given his word that he could never forget the auto drivers and has a heart-to-heart connection with them.

However, in an exclusive interview with the auto drivers across Delhi, on being asked whether Kejriwal’s promises under the MCD were fulfilled, auto-driver Bharat from Patel Nagar outrightly claimed Kejriwal of being a liar and that he isn’t capable as a chief minister. He had promised at least 300 auto stands across the national capital. However, not even a single auto stand is to be found near metro stations and other areas where commuters generally take an auto from. Moreover, they have to face daily police harassment and challans are cut against them.

Kumar and Chauhan at Minto road said that they are unhappy with the way Kejriwal led AAP government is functioning. Kejriwal was an ‘aam aadmi’ and was seen wandering in Geeta colony checking for open manholes before he went on to become the chief minister and then later roamed around in VIP cars with four security cars surveilling around him.

Ajay, an auto-driver from Azadpur said that though the main purpose of the MCD is cleanliness, Delhi government should address their problems as well. The High Court had directed the AAP government to increase the number of auto permits in the city by 10,000 but the process is delayed and is dysfunctional.

The auto-drivers who had given their full-fledged support to the AAP government back in 2015 are disillusioned by the present state of affairs. This negligent attitude towards the city’s transport sector is not acceptable now that the auto drivers feel hugely betrayed by the false promises and lack of transparency in AAP.

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