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Development is the identity of PM Modi’s village Vadnagar

Team Jan Ki Baat headed to PM Modi’s paternal village Vadnagar and met the youth and people there. All praised about the development and prosperity that makes Vadnagar more than a village.

Team ‘Jan ki Baat’ visited Vadnagar, the paternal village of PM Modi and they decided to check the ground reality of his own village. CEO and founder of ‘Jan ki Baat’ Mr. Pradip Bhandari led the team of reporters Anirudh and Mihir along with Founding Partner Akriti Bhatia who went live from Vadnagar. Locals of Vadnagar Nikita Ben Modi and Chetan ji also joined in as anchors, introducing the team to the family and friends of Shri Narendra Modi.

Jan Ki Baat Founder and CEO Pardip Bhandari anchoring the Vadnagar show

As we entered in the village we could see the development on ground. Roads were well prepared and lightened with street lights. The shops and markets gave a special feel to the village. Whenever we traveled in villages of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar we saw the poor infrastructure and lack of electricity. In Vadnagar people were tech savvy and they could run internet with a good speed that made it a different village.

PM’s senior friend Purushottam Das Kaka, recalling childhood memories with Narendra Modi

We started talking to people and met a special personality – an elderly man who was the childhood companion of PM Modi at young age. He shared with us some special and unforgettable memories of Shri Narendra Modi. He told us that they used to visit Shakha together and rallied for RSS together. ”Narendra bhai shuru se nishthawan rahe hain aur wohi is rasthra ko aage le jayenge”, he told us. Another person met us who used to play cricket with young Narendra. He told us that in the cricket field Narendra Bhai did bowling, fielding and batting also. He was an all-rounder in cricket as he did in politics. There were several other old companions and childhood friends who told us some untold stories about Narendra bhai Modi. The two friends spoken to were Purushottam Das Kaka and Dashrath Bhai Modi.

Jan Ki Baat Founding Partner Akriti Bhatia speaking to the youth of Vadnagar

Team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ moved on and then met some young girls and women. There was a young girl who had her own Youtube channel that was possible due to good internet connectivity in her village. A teenage girl told us that she was going to the same school where Narendra modi took his early education and she felt proud to go there. She also told us that there were good education facilities, several colleges and schools in Vadnagar were performing better than other villages. Some women also shared their views and told us they are very happy with Narendra Modi because he did a lot for women and girls. She admired the campaign ”beti bachao beti padhao” run by Modi’s govt.

PM Modi’s cousin Ashokbhai Modi

Reporters of Jan ki Baat did not miss the opportunity to take their views on GST and demonetisation. People of Vadnagar were fully satisfied with these two brave decisions of Modi govt. ”When we prepare our home, we have to face some troubles and problems and this is now about nation building so we may face some early troubles to make a good nation” An elderly man said.

PM’s old residence where he grew up in Vadnagar now sold

At the end we saw the old residence of PM Modi. Nikita ben – the youtuber took us there. She told us that it had been renovated recently. She told us that earlier it was an old and small house. After seeing that house we could compare the nation with this house. PM Narendra Modi is renovating this nation and trying to change it from an old small house to a big world-class shelter for prosperity and happiness.

Reportage by Pradip Bhandari, Akriti Bhatia, Anirudh Sharma and Mihir Hathi

Story by Shadab Khan


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