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Flood affected Tharad may vote for ‘Navsarjan’

Tharad people have so many complaints against BJP administration for not taking enough care to rebuild the city after flood. Their anger may harm BJP’s prospects in Tharad.

स्थान – थारड विधानसभा, जिला बनासकांठा
रिपोर्टर जय जी के साथ हमारे अन्य रिपोर्टर शादाब खान की खास रिपोर्ट
दिनांक – 29-11-2017
विधानसभा चुनाव दिनांक – 14-12-2017
फेज – 2
वर्तमान विधायक (2012 –) परबतभाई पटेल (BJP)
प्रत्याशी – देवजीभाई राजपूत (कांग्रेस) & परबतभाई पटेल (BJP)
कुल वोटर संख्या – 196790

Team Jan ki Baat reached Banaskantha, a border district in the north of Gujarat. The whole district has been badly affected by the flood, which had come here last year. Rahul Gandhi and several other Congress leaders as well as BJP leaders had landed here. They tried to console public at large who had lost much. After a year, people of Tharad deny any significant work done by the government to rebuild the city. Therefore they may go against the current government and may bring in a change.

Reporter Jay Ji and Shadab khan went live from Tharad to know the real situation on the ground after the disastrous flood. Rahul Gandhi, PM Modi and several other leaders came here to inquire about the local problems. But no substantial work looks like to have happened in this area.

Banaskantha consists of 9 constituencies and Tharad is one of them. Whole Banaskantha had been affected by flood but Tharad was the one which was majorly affected. Banaskantha is known as Congress influenced district and 6 out of 9 constituencies have already been ruled by Congress. This time it may lose 2 of them – Vadgam and Kankrej. In Tharad situation is tough for the people. People spoke about lack of industries, poor irrigation system, and slow development.

A young man said “BJP failed to complete its poll promises and people of Tharad want to bring in a change in Gujarat.” We went to several shops present along side the roads and got to know the ground reality of the problems faced by the people. A chemist told us about the impact of GST and on market. “The policy of GST was applied hurriedly and it affected market badly and now we want change”, he said. Some farmers also came us to tell their problems and this sect is quite upset with the poor facilities provided by the government. During flood they lost their homes and their yields. 

Tharad consists of a good number of Muslim population who are considered to be prominent supporter of Congress. Although after PM Modi’s good works of development, Muslims got attracted to BJP and we can say that they may still support him but in Tharad Muslim community will continue to support the grand old party Congress.

However traders, small shopkeepers showed some faith in BJP administration but a big sector of farmers, labourers and villagers are likely to go against BJP. The whole situation on ground indicates a good chance of Congress to come again in power in Tharad.


Story By: Shadab Khan & Sparsh Upadhyay


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