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Jan Ki Baat CEO, Pradip Bhandari in conversation with Indranil Rajguru

Recently, Jan Ki Baat’s CEO Pradip Bhandari spoke with CM Vijay Rupani’s electoral rival, Mr Indranil Rajguru. In this candid interview, Mr Rajguru talked about various issues. Before listening to the INC Candidate from Rajkot (West), let us take a look at some key electoral facts about this high profile constituency.

Constituency: Rajkot (West)
The number of Registered Voters: 316665
Phase – I
Date of election: 09/12/2017
Candidates from Both Major Parties: Vijay Rupani (BJP), Indranil Rajguru (INC)
Sitting MLA: Chief Minister Vijay Rupani

Pradip: If the population of Rajkot is watching you live, what message would you like to give them?
Indranil Rajguru: Rajkot is primary for me and I want to do something for the city. If given a chance, I will not let you down. We will stay together and bring change.

P: It is said that you are a strong contender for the Rajkot (East) seat, then what is the strategy to shift your candidature to a seat which is a BJP bastion since 1990?
I: The most inappropriate person is occupying the highest chair right now and it is my responsibility that I stop him.

P: What are the things that make him galat in your opinion?
I: In Saurashtra University, first the money would go to him, only then people would get permissions

P: When you talk about goondagardi, there are many cases under the IPC against yourself? How do you respond to critics? Do they not affect your image?
I: There are charges of rioting against me. In Gujarat, they charge you with rioting almost anytime they want

P: How will you do things differently in Rajkot? What can the people living in Rajkot expect from you?
I: Firstly, I want to create a system where a person can go to a police station for justice without carrying money.

P: What do you have to say about #VikaasGandoThayoChe? Most people we’ve spoken to say that Vikaas has happened?
I: See, people have said it and spread it, not by Congress. Construction of a few roads doesn’t mean that Vikaas has happened. They (BJP) know that they market more, work less. PM Modi sells dreams and nothing else.

P: It is being said that this is a battle of prestige for PM Narendra Modi.
I: If he genuinely felt that his Gujarat was a model state, then why does he have to come here repeatedly?

P: Don’t you think caste politics is against the Gujarati Asmita and what are your views on BJP’s slogan Gujarati Asmita?
I: Everyone in Gujarat knows that they talk more and work less.

That was all about the conversation with INC Candidate from the hotly contested Rajkot (West) seat, Indranil Rajguru. He aims to bring a positive difference to Rajkot and improve the law and order situation there. He says that the Gujarat Model of Vikaas is flawed and it is due to that that people are coming up with slogans like #VikaasGandoThayoChe. If given a chance, he promises that he will not let the people down. To Indranil Rajguru and to every candidate fighting the elections for a better Gujarat and a better India, we want to wish them good luck!


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