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Sabse Politically Gyani Chai Wale Bhaiya – So Far

On 26th November 2017, we launched a competition called सबसे पॉलिटिकली ज्ञानी चाय वाले भैया that aimed at finding the most aware Chai Wale Bhaiya to know the pulse of their locality. Let us look at some of the entries that we have received so far!

  1. First on this list is Niranjan Bhaiya, from Khetlaapa Tea Stall in Ahmedabad. Hear him talk about politics!
  2. Next up, we have Pushpendra Bhaiya who was very vocal about his preferences. Click on the play button and decide if he is the most politically aware #ChaiWaleBhaiya
  3. Third, we spoke to Atul Bhai who said that educated Patidar will never support Hardik Patel.
  4. We then travelled to Ahmedabad’s famous tea stall, Roothraj, Near LD engineering college. Let’s listen to what Roothraj bhaiya has to say.
  5. And lastly, we have Jayesh Bhaiya who says, “we should give a lot of thought before we submit our vote.”

If you think you’ve found the most Politically Aware Chai wale Bhaiya on this list, do share their video. If you know someone who you think is the most Politically Aware Chai wale Bhaiya, then find out the competition details here and avail the chance to win INR 3000!

Also, this list shall be updated as and when we receive more videos from our participants. The competition is open till 10th of December, 2017 so hurry up and send us the video of a chai wale bhaiya who you think deserves to win the tittle of  सबसे पॉलिटिकली ज्ञानी चाय वाले भैया.


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