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Know Why Siddaramaiah’s Rice Scheme Can Change the Results in Belgaum (South)

Karnataka election 2018 is coming nearer with each passing day and all political parties have started campaigning around the streets, especially in Belgaum. It is one of the major assembly constituencies, thus all parties are focusing much more in this area. For a deep analysis of every constituency in Karnataka, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO, Pradip Bhandari, reached Belgaum assembly constituency to know who’s leading in the upcoming election.

jan ki baat- Belgaum

Talking about the political competition, our team asked some of the natives about the same and they stated some shocking statements. In 2013, BJP candidate, Abhay Patil lost the election and now he is contesting again from Belgaum. When we asked locals about BJP candidate, they stated that Abhay Patil might win the Karnataka election 2018. However, many locals added that BJP has a strong foothold in Belgaum and the reason behind this is nothing but Modi factor. Our team came to know that people are supporting BJP much more than any other political party.

However, things aren’t actually what they seem to be. When we asked another group of locals, they told there is a tough competition between BJP and Congress. This thing really stunned us. Some people added that Siddaramaiah government also has a major impact as his rice scheme allowed individuals to get attracted towards him. We, somehow, managed to get information about Congress as well. Our team got to know that Siddaramaiah might contest election from Badami.

jan ki baat- abhay patil

Most people stated that there are chances for BJP to get 150+ seats in the upcoming Karnataka election. However, we shouldn’t forget about the rice scheme as Siddaramaiah is doing his best to get a huge number of votes. Moreover, the situation can change with the course of time.

Truly speaking, the current situation of Belgaum is unpredictable. But, the Karnataka election 2018 is going to be an exciting battle.

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