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Locals Might Go for Change in Belgaum (North)

As Karnataka election 2018 is heading closer, Belgaum (North) has turned out to be a fierce battleground for BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party), Congress, and JDS, i.e. Janata Dal (Secular). Thus, it’s become important to get a precise prediction who might win the upcoming election. For the best election coverage, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO & founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Belgaum (North) constituency to know what people really want.

jan ki baat- Belgaum (North)

Talking about the assembly elections 2013, Feroz Saith (INC) won the Belgaum north seat by a whopping margin of 18120 votes. In 2008, Feroz Saith won the assembly elections by a huge margin. As far as upcoming Karnataka election 2018 is concerned, the competition is quite tough between Feroz Sait and Anil Benake (Contestant from BJP).

When our team asked locals about what they really want their government to look like. They simply said, ‘we want the government that can do something for its people, no matter who it will be in the upcoming election’. Coming to the work done by the existing ruling party, people stated that the government has done work like regular water supply, improved condition of roads, etc. We have observed that most natives praised the works done by the current government and they seemed quite happy.

jan ki baat- feroz saith

With respect to the issues that people are facing, they are only a few. Some locals stated that parking facility and employment opportunities should be provided. As a whole, it seems like Congress has a strong foothold in the area. When we asked people about JDS, only a few of them supported JDS.

Things got interesting when we asked locals about BJP they stated that ‘we want a change’. We have observed that natives are interested in forming up a new government. They even added that Congress might win the election, but as far as ‘Change Factor’ is concerned, there are chances for BJP as well.

The current situation of Belgaum (North) is difficult to predict. But, there will be a tough fight between BJP and Congress for sure.

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